Who is She?

 Kate Nappier is a young woman that has found a way to show others a new perspective of ordinary things through her creative eye. Although she enjoys writing and sharing the stories of others, she uses different platforms to showcase the focus of their story. Kate provokes emotion through her filmmaking, photography, poetry, and personality on the radio. She showcases her perspective through visual mediums and the humanism of her voice through audio.

Curiosity has led this Miami raised woman to venture out of her comfort zone to explore and immerse herself in other people’s cultures through volunteering and mission work. Her curiosity has led her to Peru, the Dominican Republic and all throughout the United States.

She has had the luxury of meeting talented artists in the music industry. With every celebrity encounter, she maintains high professionalism and a down to earth personality. No matter the occupation of the people she interacts with, she is able to simply view them as individuals.

As a social media influencer, Kate offers a unique brand on her platforms. At the end of the day, her ultimate goal in life is to spread truth and positivity to those around her.